Sports Mascots

Where would sports be without sports team mascots? Whether you love college sports or professional sports, or whether you love baseball, basketball, or football, sports mascots makes the games more fun by inspiring team pride and cheering. It would be nonsense to consider sports without sports team mascots because the list of names of mascots in different categories keeps getting bigger and better.

In this article of articles, we will discuss some of the most famous sports mascots and discuss why they are famous and why they are some of the creepiest sports mascots. Fortunately, due to the large number of sports team names and individually designed mascot costumes, there are pages and pages sports mascots from which to choose!

The Baltimore Ravens

A favorite among NFL mascots is the team mascot design from the Baltimore Ravens. A sports team that began in the late ninety’s decided to name their team after the famous poem by Edgar Allan Poe (who lived in Baltimore), “The Raven.” In fact, this is the only team in NFL history to name their team after a poem. Rather than having one raven as the mascot for Baltimore, they have three ravens as sports mascots. Each named after the author of the poem. One name Edgar. One named Allan. And one named Poe. These mascots derived their names from the famous poet, and now they run around the field and in the stands to inspire cheering for their beloved team.

But why are they the creepiest among team mascots for sale? Perhaps not because of the team mascot design itself, but because of the poem. Edgar Allan Poe was famous for some of the creepiest stories in American Literature, and this poem about a raven is among his creepiest. The raven constantly taps on the window of the man lamenting the loss of his wife, never leaving him alone. Read it. It’s the creepiest. These mascot costumes of the Baltimore Ravens are sure to be fun and scary for men and women everywhere!

The Ohio state Buckeyes

Whether it is a football game, a baseball game, or a fencing match, you can find the sports mascot for this Ohio state team out there cheering. His name? Brutus. In the category of team names, the Ohio state Buckeyes is not terribly revealing as to what a buckeye is, but even more so in its relation to the designed mascot for the team. Wearing red pants and a rugby like striped shirt, this red giant O runs around cheering fans while also wearing a baseball cap. Men and women see Brutus and cheer until their lungs go sore, which is why sports mascots are so important because they inspire pride in a team.

What is creepy about his particular mascot of the Ohio state Buckeyes? The name, Brutus. Those familiar with the story of Julius Caesar are well aware of the connotation of this name and this mascot’s derived name. Brutus betrayed his Caesar and wanted to take the throne away from him. So Brutus conspired with others and assassinated their leader. And so you are left to wonder if the sports team mascot Brutus is going to live up to his name and betray his Ohio state Buckeyes.

Xavier University

Another college team out of the great Ohio state is that of the Xavier Blue Blob. No one is really sure what he (or she or it or whatever nonsense) it is except that this college mascot is a fluffy and fuzzy looking blue mass that runs around the court or fields during games. College sports are known for its loyal fans, and a google search of images turns out several top quality pictures of this giant Blue Blob. He (or she or it) is so famous, that he (or she or it) has a Blue Blob appreciation night where men, women, and children from the stands can come down and spend some time with the giant blue fur ball. No matter what he (or she or it) is, this is a simple custom mascot costume that would make any of your friends jealous because other custom mascot costumes simply fail to compare, probably because other mascot costumes wouldn’t know how to compare themselves.

The Stanford Tree

Trees can be terrifying. Ask Dorothy and the Scarecrow as they walked through the forest and the trees threw apples at them. Another creepy tree is from the infamous story of The Last Unicorn with her obnoxiously large bosom. However, among the sports mascots and costumes of our time, the creepiest and most famous tree is from Stanford. This arbor designed mascot sends chills down the spines of the opposing teams and their mascots. Standing over six feet tall, it looks like a giant pile of leaves made to look like a pine tree. It fails to do so. What scares men and women all over the nation who look upon this pine pile of leaves is its eyes and mouth. The giant eyes glare menacingly at you with its toothy grin and no nose. This pile of leaves surpasses many other team mascots for sale in the creepy plant arena.

The University of California—Santa Cruz

At the UC—Santa Cruz campus lies the friendliest of sports mascots around: the banana slug. In this warm climate, there is nothing better than a nice banana slug. Known as Sammy the Slug, this sports mascot looks just like you would think it should look: a giant yellow slug. Why is this one of the creepiest sports mascots among the college sports mascots? Because slugs literally creep along the ground, it makes it one of the creepiest sports mascots around. Truly, this sport team mascot will not inspire fear the way a blue blob or menacing tree would. It would not even be scary if it said “Nevermore” over and over as the raven does. It’s just too nice. So nice in fact, that it is creepy!

All of these sports team mascot costumes are great in their own unique and individual way. All of these mascot costumes would be great options for your own mascot costume party.