School Mascots

There are many reasons that schools have school mascots. School mascots help inspire students to have pride in their school and participate more in school activities. Whether it is a high school, middle school, or college, all schools need a school mascot. School mascots can be used at sporting events, such as basketball or football games, at pep rallies, and any other major school events. Unique school mascots for sale can be hard to find, but we can provide them.

Some of the most famous school mascots in America are college football mascots, some of which include the following:

  • The Duke Devil
  • Bill the Goat is the official mascot of the Naval Academy
  • Swoop (some type of bird) is the school mascot for the University of Utah Utes football team
  • The Florida Gators
  • Oski the bear from the University of California Berkeley, who got into a fight with the Stanford Tree at a basketball game in 1995 and won (various videos and photos of the fight can be seen on YouTube and Google).
  • Monte Bear from the University of Montana, who often appears at games in full leather jacket regalia and riding a motorcycles.
  • Pete and Penny Penguin from Youngstown State University
  • Keggy the Keg from Dartmouth University, who remains the unofficial team mascot of the university, since the university refuses to officially recognize him.

These mascots have become famous and well known because they are unique and interesting. Other school mascots fade into the background, even if the school has a great sports team, merely because they look like the same as other school mascots. When choosing a school mascot costume, it is important to find school mascot costumes to buy that are unique options that represent your school.

Many schools have contests to find a name or an idea for their school mascot. While quite often these contests lead to ridiculous high school and college mascot names, they also can produce creative ideas for school mascots. This will also give you an opportunity to find out what kind of school team mascots the student body will be excited about.

Some of the Weirdest School Mascots:

Even non-typical school mascot costumes with unusual mascot names can inspire loyalty and school spirit, as the following slightly unusual list of school mascots show:

  • The Stanford Tree from Stanford University. This rather odd mascot is a large dancing tree, but the students love it and vie for the honor of dressing up in the school mascot costume and dancing around at sporting events.
  • The Fighting Pickle from the North Carolina School of Arts. The school decided that they wanted an official school mascot design despite the fact that they have no officially sanctioned athletic teams. Despite this, the school mascot the Fighting Pickle is very popular and inspires school spirit in the students.
  • Sammy the Banana Slug from the University of California – Santa Cruz. Schools tend to choose mascots that reflect the nature of the school or the student population, and Sammy the Banana Slug is no exception. The student population, known for its laid back attitude and fondness for marijuana, wanted a more peaceful creature to represent them than the usual fighting animal like a tiger or bulldog, so they chose the banana slug.

Custom made school mascot costumes can enable your school to decide on a unique school mascot that will reflect the personality of your school and your student population. We provide high quality high school mascots for sale.

High School Mascots

While generally not as well-known as college mascots, high school mascots are very important in local communities. Especially in small towns, sports are a big deal, and choosing the right high school mascot design to represent the teams is essential. School mascots are not just a costume, the logo that represents the school mascot is usually reproduced on the walls of the school and school mascots screen printingon t-shirts is common to promote school spirit.

Maxpreps is a site that features information regarding high school sports. One of their most popular features is Maxpreps Mascot Mondays. In a recent Maxpreps Mascot Mondays, they featured some of the most popular Mascot Mondays Kansas high school mascots. School mascots of the sunflower state features Swathers (a harvesting machine) from Hesston, the Pratt Greenbacks (like the frog, not the dollar bill), the St. John’s Military Muleskinners, and the Hill City Ringnecks.

Other interesting high school mascots include Mascot Mondays Illinois High School mascots. Not one, but two high schools in Illinois have the pretzel as their mascot – the Freeport and Berlin Illinois high schools. Other popular Illinois high school mascots include the Hoopeston Cornjerkers and the Cobden Appleknockers. There are also a variety of high school mascots that use the colors of red and blue, including the Knoxville Blue Bullets and the Mooseheart Red Ramblers.

Numerous high school sports teams formerly had American Indian mascots, such as the Atlanta Braves and the Washington College Redskins. With the American Indian movement, a call has been issued by the United States government to retire images and mascots featuring the American Indian.  However, while some school mascots have changed their mascots, many remain the same.

Most schools incorporate their school colors with their school mascot design. For instance, the Virginia Beach City Public School system has over forty different elementary schools, fifteen middle schools, and fifteen high schools, each of which has their own individual school colors and school mascots. Many of the mascots and colors correspond with the name of the school itself. For example:

  • The Virginia Beach City public high school Ocean Lakes are the Dolphins, and their official school colors are navy, gold, silver and white.
  • Virginia Beach middle school has the Seahawks as their official school mascot, with the school colors of green and gold.
  • The New Castle Elementary School are the Dragons, and their school colors are blue, green, and burgundy.

School mascots help to promote school spirit in elementary schools, middle schools, junior high schools, high schools, and college universities. School mascot costumes are fun and can also be used for shirt designs. Custom designed mascot costumes are something every school needs.