Holiday Mascots

Nearly everyone loves the holidays, whether it is a time for religious celebration for Christmas and Easter or the excuse to kick back and relax because you get time off of work. Many people also love to dress up for the holidays. Some people dress in a nice suit or dress while others prefer a more non-traditional way to celebrate. Those people dress up like the holiday mascots as if they are getting ready to march down the stage of a holiday mascots fashion show.

This article is going to talk about the origins behind some of these famous holiday mascots for sale. You can find more information, pictures, images, and videos using tools like Google and YouTube! These origins may give you the idea you need for your next holiday fashion show, even if you are looking for the most adorably ugly holiday mascots the world has to offer, or just a unique holiday mascot design. Shopping here can give you the entertainment value you need.

Here are a few of the holiday mascot options we will be discussing:

  • St. Patrick’s Day – The Leprechaun
  • St. Valentine’s Day – The Cupid
  • Easter – The Easter bunny
  • Thanksgiving – The Pilgrim
  • Christmas – Santa Claus

Let’s start preparing for your very own holiday mascots fashion show! And remember, there are no dumb holiday mascot designs!

1)     St. Patrick’s Day – The Leprechaun

If your custom costume for your holiday is for St. Patrick’s Day, then the Leprechaun may give you the adorably ugly holiday costume idea you are looking for. The Leprechaun is an obvious creature of sorts that probably plays golf with the Easter bunny. They are short creatures wearing lots of green. If you chose this costume, no one will be able to pinch you.

Then Leprechaun has its origins in Irish folklore and is actually a type of fairy. Traditionally they are little, old men with pointy hats and long beards who spend the majority of their time making shoes. They are also classically known for their pots of gold hidden at the end of the rainbows. This costume picture may give you the dressing you need to get caught by a friend looking for a pot of gold of their own.

2)     St. Valentine’s Day – The Cupid

As most of us know, the Cupid is a little baby wearing little to nothing who carries around a bow and arrow with hearts on the end. Often he is portrayed as a plush blond haired and blue eyed baby ready to strike the hearts of the young and in love in order to promote more love. Most likely his knowledge includes studying the language of love.

Cupid is actually the Roman god of love, desire, and affection. Specifically though, he is the god of erotic love, and not necessarily the long lasting relationship kind, so keep that in mind as you are wearing this custom holiday costume. In Greek mythology, he is the son of Aphrodite and is known as Eros. So it is true, love surrounds this little baby as he flies around shooting arrows of love.

3)     Easter – The Easter bunny

This little critter can be portrayed as an actual bunny or as bunnies taking on more human like characteristics like wearing clothes. This holiday mascot design is a bit more commercial than other similar holiday mascots that we’ve discussed so far. In the Disney cartoon called “Funny Little Bunnies” portrayed them wearing a variety of different clothes making all sorts of Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies for little children to eat.

As usual, Disney was not the first to come up with the idea of the Easter bunny. In fact, the first mention of an Easter bunny bringing eggs to children was by a German scientist and doctor in the early 1600’s. Also, many early scientists believed that the rabbit could reproduce without any of Cupid’s love arrows and thus they associated him with the Virgin Mary. Today still, this mascot costume will give anyone a good reminder of the Easter tradition. Of course, you could always get a yellow chicken costumes instead.

4)     Thanksgiving – The Pilgrim

Those Puritan settlers brought us a grand dinner feast when they came over and had some food with the natives. They wore lots of black with big hats with wide brims or white bonnets. It seems that buckles garnish all parts of their outfits too: on the hat, on the belt, and on the shoes.

But did you know that we didn’t start celebrating the holiday as a nation until Abraham Lincoln declared the fourth Thursday of the month of November as a day of Thanksgiving in 1863? It is true. Before 1863 each state celebrated it on a different date, and it has its origins in 1621 in Plymouth and even earlier in 1598 in Texas by Spanish settlers.

5)     Christmas – Santa Claus

Yes. Santa Claus. Santa is perhaps the most famous of all holiday mascots. Christmas is no dumb holiday because you get so many presents that are brought down the chimney by Santa who wears a big red suit and a hat. His giant white beard hardly gets any soot on it too! This holiday mascot can be seen by all who are out shopping during the holiday season. Images of his face are everywhere, even on your Coke cans.

Santa is primarily a holiday mascot from the western civilization. Before Santa he was called Father Christmas. And before that Santa was called Saint Nicholas. Each legend did the same thing no matter what name he went by. He would bring presents to children who were good, and then he left a not so good present to the children who were not as good, like coal. So this Christmas season, get your own holiday costume of Santa for the office party or the local holiday mascots fashion show.

As you can see, a different edition of all of the holiday mascots for sale uses different tools to promote the holiday season. No matter which holiday you decide to celebrate, we have the custom holiday mascot costumes for you.