Custom Mascots

How many of us used to wake up before dawn on Saturday morning to sneak into the living room and watch cartoons? Even though the cartoons have changed over the years, watching cartoons on Saturday mornings is a tradition that children have been following for years. From Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles characters to the Transformers to Doug, Spongebob, Arthur, and Dora the Explorer, there are hundreds of familiar cartoon characters that make great character mascot costumes.

Professional character mascots are great for schools, professional sports, or business companies to represent them and promote events. We specialize in custom mascots and mascot costumes to buy for any event, whether corporate mascots, school mascots, holiday mascots, sports mascots or cartoon mascots.

Animal mascot costumes like Patrick the starfish from the popular series Spongebob, Daffy Duck from Looney Tunes, or Mickey and Minnie Mouse are character mascots that people will remember and can associate with events, sports teams, schools, or business enterprises. Disney Land and Disney World are obviously hugely popular locations, and they employ the use of character mascot costumes to help people remember them and want to go there. Japanese cartoons have also become well known in recent years, and Japanese character mascots such as Pokemon are very popular with children especially.

Custom made character mascot costumes are often based on cartoons for children, but they can appeal to both children and adults. Some cartoon characters have been around for years, so that they are familiar to children and their parents, while even newer cartoons are still familiar because parents are interested in what their children are interested in, and they want their children to be interested and happy.

One of the advantages of character mascot costumes like Michelangelo or Rafael from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles characters is that they’ve been around for a long time. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles characters started out in the early eighties and continued to be enormously popular, both with girls and boys, through the nineties. They even made three movies based on the cartoon series that were very popular with both children and adults. Later in the 2000’s, more animated series of the beloved characters continued to be made, including a Japanese character spinoff. Due to the longevity of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles characters, they make great character mascots that both children and adults are familiar with.

The Teenage Mutant Turtles also make great character mascots because there are multiple character costumes to choose from. The Teenage Mutant Turtles are made up of four turtles:

  • Leonardo, the leader, who uses the katana, a type of Japanese sword, and wears blue bandanas tied around his eyes, arms, and legs. He is often more serious and can be rather bossy.
  • Rafael, who wears red bandanas and carries the sai, a three-pronged metal dagger, is the more sarcastic and grouchy of the Turtles. He has a tendency to get into trouble.
  • Donatello wears purple bandanas and wields a bo staff, and is usually viewed as the least violent or most peace-loving of the Turtles. He loves science and is always inventing things for the Turtles to use, including their Turtle Blimp.
  • Michelangelo (often people’s favorite because of his fun-loving personality) wears orange bandanas and uses nunchucks. He loves to party and eat pizza.

Besides the actual turtles, other character mascots include Splinter, the rat who is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles characters’ master and teacher; April O’Neil, the reporter that they often aid in her stories; Shredder, Splinter and the Turtles’ arch nemesis – his costume is quite elaborate, and consists of a metal helmet and faceplate, metal body armor with jagged spiky edges on the arm plates, and a purple cape. You can even become a fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles characters on Facebook, or watch some of their videos on YouTube.

Another popular and well-beloved character mascot design is that of the Transformers. The Transformers have been around for over 28 years, as cartoon characters, comic book characters, and movie star characters. The Transformers are an alien robot race made up of the Decepticons and the Autobots. The Decepticons are evil and want to destroy and enslave the Autobots.

The leader of the Decepticons is Megatron, who can transform into various vehicle shapes, though his favored form is that of a Cybertronian jet. Megatron’s regular form is mostly white in color, and his arm has a giant arm-mounted fusion cannon on it. Optimus Prime is the leader of the Autobots. Optimus Prime is a patriotic cartoon character in color, with a blue head, and red and white body. Though Optimus Prime can transform into different vehicles as well, he favors a semi-truck. Other popular characters include:

  • Bumblebee is one of the smallest Autobots and generally transforms into a VW Beetle
  • Soundwave is one of the Decepticons and Megatron’s right-hand robot. When other Decepticons are in cassette, he becomes a cassette player to store them all.
  • Starscream is also a Decepticon, though he is not very loyal to Megatron and would like to take over. He is the air commander of the Decepticons.
  • Jazz is one of the leaders of the Autobots, has a great love of music, and usually transforms into a Porsche.

Though the Transformers were very popular as a cartoon in the eighties and early nineties, they were somewhat forgotten for a number of years until they started making movies about them. Due to this, Transformers are well-known characters to both adults and children. A school sports event that had an adult-size character mascot costume of Optimus Prime creates events that will be remembered for years.

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