Corporate Mascots

Mascots are everywhere. You see them on television commercials. You see them on billboards. You see them at presidential Easter Egg hunts. Nearly all of them are corporate mascots. Some of those corporate mascots are dead corporate mascots and some are iconic corporate mascots and some are even awful corporate mascots. What do they all have in common? They make great corporate mascot design costumes. The list may frighten you as to how many have come and gone, but the list may also bring to light some great ideas for your next Halloween party, a business get together, or whatever entertainment event you are planning on attending.

The origins of these corporate mascots inserted themselves into our lives through entertainment venues, business photos, and you can find all sorts of info on Wikipedia about them. If you pay attention, you may find the perfect, or possibly the most awful example of your next costume party. We will discuss three types of corporate mascots: dead corporate mascots, iconic corporate mascots, and awful corporate mascots.

Let’s begin! And pay attention, you may find your next mascot costumes here.

Dead corporate mascots

Many of us remember sitting in front of the television on Saturday morning eating our favorite cereals. Those commercials and shows were littered with entertainment mascots, and some mascots invented are now dead in the ground. One of those dead characters may have been the cereal we were eating as we watched those various company mascots: Count Chocula. Count Chocula was a vampire obsessed with chocolate cereal in his afterlife. In this cartoon image, he haunted the children in a light-hearted fashion imploring them to eat his beloved cereal. Apparently, not many did, and the chocolate loving vampire’s career ended. And though his career ended, you can still be Count Chocula in your photos of all those parties.

Another one of the many dead characters throughout dead corporate mascot history is Joe Camel. This cool camel loved to smoke Camel cigarettes. This particularly targeted dead character among business corporate mascots encouraged everyone to smoke those cool Camel cigarettes. If you smoke, then you too could be a cool camel wearing a leather jacket and dark shades. It is a little obvious as to why this corporate mascot among similar corporate mascots is dead. Kids don’t need another influential corporate mascots telling them to smoke because otherwise they themselves would become one of the dead corporate mascots.

Iconic corporate mascots

Perhaps the most iconic corporate mascots out there in the business world is Ronald Mcdonald. This iconic clown visits elementary schools everywhere. Ronald Mcdonald is on the news helping children raise money for all sorts of things. He poses for photos at entertainment events held at his restaurant, and he is hard to mistake for anything else. Of all the options for iconic corporate mascots, Ronald Mcdonald provides an excellent corporate mascot design idea. The clown’s red hair and yellow jumpsuit allow any folk of any shape and size to become the clown sitting forever on the bench at the local Mcdonald’s playground. And if you order multiple mascot costumes, you can even all show up in the same car! That would be a fantastic opportunity for photos, and you may make the news yourselves.

Another example from the breakfast cereal world of iconic corporate mascots is that of Tony the Tiger. Whether he is kicking a soccer ball into the goal, shooting a basket ball into the hoop, or skiing down the mountain with gold winning Olympians, this iconic corporate tiger is shouting, “You’re grrrrrrrrreeeeat!” Similar corporate mascots for sale do little to inspire kids to do things other than eat cereal, but this tiger encourages kids to do all sorts of things: getting good grades, planning on the future, participating in sports, and even getting to bed on time. Those kids know that if they follow the example of Tony the Tiger, then they will be great! A Tony the Tiger costume soars above ideas for other mascot costumes because everywhere you go, you’ll get a consistent compliment, “You’re grrrrreeeat!”

Awful corporate mascots

Probably the most awful corporate mascot is the Noid from Domino’s Pizza. This was a claymation villain, and he was responsible for your pizza gone bad. Whether your pizza was smashed with the cheese stuck to the roof of the box or if it showed up at your door cold and hard as a rock, it was the Noid that did it. This crazed loon bounced up and down on a pogo stick with a funky hat on his head and tried mightily to ruin your pizza. Thankfully, Domino’s promised a delivery within thirty minutes to ensure that this mythical creature didn’t make it to your pizza. This awful corporate mascot did not make it very long.

The oddest and frankly perplexing of awful corporate mascots for sale are the rat-type things for Quizno’s Subs. No one is exactly sure what they are. They have goofy looking eyes that flex outwards, inwards, and forwards. They sing while playing little guitars with what looks like moldy French fries for arms. Although the promotion they advertised was quite good, observers of the small creatures are left to wonder what and why they exist. The most disturbing question is whether or not those little runts were running around the restaurant. Obviously, these too were a huge mistake.

There are many corporate mascots for sale that exist and existed in history, and it is up to you to find the perfect one. With these custom costumes, you can find which suit suits you best. Choose one from the dead corporate mascots, one from the iconic corporate mascots, or one from the awful corporate mascots.

So, whether or not you decide to go with one of these examples that the list may have inspired, dressing up as a corporate mascot is a sure way to draw some attention to yourself at the party. Or, if that isn’t your goal, then they are also fabulous ways to hide yourself at those same parties because no one will know who is in the costume.