Cartoon Mascots

Everyone who watched cartoons with a big bowl of favorite breakfast cereal as a kid growing up knows the variety of cartoon mascots that exist in television history. With a simple google search on the internet and a trip down memory lane, tons of different images come up with reference to those wonderful cartoon mascots we watched as kids. You might notice that some of those images from your google search on the internet are costumes of the best cartoon mascots for sale and the most unique cartoon characters out there. These costumes can be used for anything: Halloween, parties, or even a Facebook picture to make friends envious.

Saturday Morning Cartoons

The best cartoon mascots are the ones able to be made into costumes. Here, we’ll focus on a few of the best cartoon mascots and the variety of costume cartoon mascots as well:

  • Quail Man
  • Bugs Bunny
  • Pinky and the Brain
  • The Thundercats

Several of the unique cartoon mascots come from the beloved Saturday morning cartoons from our history.

A big favorite cartoon character design is Quail Man from the hit TV cartoon from the 90’s on Nickelodeon, Doug. With his rather large nose, a sweater vest with a giant Q on the front, khaki shorts with a pair of white underwear over them, a red towel for a cape, and a nice brown belt around his head, Quail Man makes for an easy costume with a custom design. The sweater vest gives this unique cartoon an unlikely hero and the mascot logos find it difficult to compete with such a simple combination for this cartoon character.

Another favorite of the unique cartoon mascots is the famous Bugs Bunny, just a simple, yet timeless character from the early years in cartoon mascot costume design history. Bugs Bunny was always escaping from that ol’ Elmer Fudd who stalked around the terrain looing for that “Waskily Wabbit.” Kids from ages ago and kids from today find this bunny worth impersonating. This exclusive character, Bugs Bunny, constantly crunched on carrots for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

In the history of cartoon character mascots, the duo of Pinky and the Brain from the hit 90s show The Animaniacs also provides another example of the best cartoon mascots. These two mice would plan to take over the world in the most astounding ways. Brain, the brains of the operation, would come up with the plans relying on his trusty yet simple-minded side-kick, Pinky. Together, each night they would escape from their little cage and attempt to rule the world, but just as they each tried their best to conquer it, they failed. If you haven’t seen one of these classic shorts, then find one on Youtube!

After a thorough search of the internet using google images, you may come across some more of the best cartoon mascots for sale of another unique cartoon. Together they are called the Thundercats. With this mascot logo comes the all familiar cry of the the Thundercats, “HHOOOOOOOOOO!!” Each of these crime fighting super cats offers a custom opportunity to wow your friends on Facebook and Youtube. The fire-like hair and cool swords would make all sorts of other party-goers a tad bit jealous when they see a Thundercat walk through the door.

Breakfast Cartoon characters

Now that we have seen the possibility of the Saturday morning cartoon mascot design, there are also several examples of breakfast champion logos from breakfast cereal history that offer unique cartoon mascots as well:

  • Lucky Charms
  • Snap, Crackle, and Pop
  • The Trix Bunny

While you sat on the floor in your Ren and Stimpy pajamas wrapped in your favorite space blanket, not only were you eating your favorite sugary cereal, but you were watching all of those commercials advertising them as well. Using an internet search of Youtube, you can rediscover those memorable commercials for some ideas for a cartoon mascot design from breakfast cereal history.

Perhaps on the most famous lines from cartoon breakfast commercials were the words of a little leprechaun, “There always after me Lucky Charms!” The commercial starts with several kids chasing after something, and then they finally corner him in the bushes. In his attempts to free himself, he tries using his marshmallow magic, which somehow turns on him. The young children take advantage of the situation, and then they swipe the bowl of Lucky Charms away from the leprechaun. The kids eat the cereal full of marshmallow shapes: moons, stars, rainbows, balloons, hearts, horseshoes, hats, and pots of gold.

With some cereals, if you listen closely, it talks. So it is with Rice Krispies, and their names? Snap, Crackle, and Pop. As you pour your milk into an overflowing bowl of Rice Krispies, you held your head close to the bowl listening for those wonderful cartoon mascots: Snap, Crackle, and Pop. The characters jump out of the bowl with their elf-like ears and hats snapping, crackling, and popping for your very ears and eyes to entertain you. With these three, they make the perfect combo for you and your friends for the upcoming costume party.

Another fabulous catch phrase from those early morning cartoon commercials comes from another rabbit, possibly a relation to Bugs Bunny. Kids chased this rabbit just as they chased the leprechaun, but this time it is warranted because the rabbit stole the cereal right from beneath their noses and mouths. After chasing him around for most of the commercial, they finally catch him and start eating. One of the children tells off the rabbit and tells him, “Silly Rabbit! Trix are for kids!” Then he pouts a little, but surely starts planning for his next theft.

Just the best cartoon mascots for sale will do for your next party. With custom cartoon mascot design, a cartoon mascot costume will be the right purchase for you to make your friends envious that they didn’t think to reminisce in childhood memories. These costume cartoon mascots make the perfect custom costume for your Facebook picture or prank to post on YouTube!